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Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks

A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a network of spatially distributed sensors aimed at monitoring different physical or environmental parameters. In the context of...   Read More

Virtual Reality

Computer-simulated environments making use of immersive acoustic technology provide the highest feel of realism. The analysis of the heart rate and respiration rate of...   Read More

Human-Machine Interfaces

Traditionally, the presentation of data to users has always been focused on visual media. However, human beings live and interact in a world full...   Read More

Music Processing and Analysis

Music signals have a very particular structure that require specific methods for analyzing their content or retrieving information from them. Signal processing methods for...   Read More

Speech Enhancement

Signal processing algorithms aimed at improving speech quality are of major importance in many communication environments and applications, ranging from mobile phones to teleconferencing...   Read More

Acoustic-based Surveillance

Sound source localization is an important task for developing innovative acoustic technology. One of the major application areas of source localization is acoustic-based surveillance,...   Read More

Spatial Audio

Sound is a important part of everyday life, being our primary means of personal communication. Humans make use of their two ears to analyze...   Read More

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