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  • The Signal Processing & Acoustic Technology (SPAT) Group is a young research team within the School of Engineering of the Universitat de Valencia. The research carried out in SPAT is focused on the design of signal processing methods aimed at providing innovative solutions for audio, acoustics and multimedia technologies, covering a wide range of applications.
  • Research Areas

    Artificial Auditionr-a-artificial-robot-audition-square-test

    Smart Acoustic Monitoringr-a-intelligent-acoustic-monitoring-square-test

    Spatial Audior-a-spatial-audio-square-test

    Acoustic-Based Surveillancer-a-acoustic-based-surveillance-square-test

    Audio Enhancement r-a-speech-enhancement-square-test

    Music Processingr-a-music-processing-and-analysis-square-test

    Human-Machine Interfacesr-a-human-machine-interfaces-square-test

    Virtual Reality r-a-virtual-reality-square-test

    Wireless Sensor Networksr-a-wireless-acoustic-sensor-networks-square-test

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